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Comcast’s Xfinity wifi – fastest home cum public hotspot

Comcast started modifying the routers of some of their customers to create a quasi-public wireless system called  XFINITY WiFi  intended for use, mainly, by Comcast customers. Home users would see a new Wi-Fi network called “Xfinity Wifi” alongside their existing private wireless network.

XFINITY WiFi provides two wifi networks – one for you and one for your guests.

XFINITY Internet delivers the fastest, most reliable in-home WiFi for all rooms, all devices, all the time. Get the consistently fast speeds you need, even during peak hours. Plus, enjoy access to millions of hotspots nationwide and stay connected while away from home.

XFINITY Wireless Gateway combines the technology of a modem and router neatly in one piece of equipment. It’s your gateway to in-home WiFi that’s secure, fast, and reliable.

Benefits of XFINITY Wireless Gateway :

  • Security updates and proactive device replacement, at no additional cost, if needed.
  • Home hotspot feature to give your guests WiFi access via “xfinitywifi” without sharing your password.
  • Manage and connect to both your secure in-home WiFi as well as “xfinitywifi”.


The big benefit is that when Comcast customers are traveling to an area served by Comcast, they can use this public Wi-Fi to get online. XFINITY Wi-Fi can save on typically limited 3G/4G bandwidth and it should be faster too.

  • Easyy setup : The Comcast router has a QR code that you take a photo of with the Comcast app. This will guide you through an easy setup process.
  • Monitor connections and parental controls: Using the Comcast app, you can manage who has access to your network by creating profiles for each person and their devices. For parents, you can disable a device’s connection when your kids are supposed to be doing homework, eating dinner, going to bed, or any other boring activity you can think of.
  • Troubleshoot connections and WiFi’s range: If you live in a large home or one with thick walls that interrupt your WiFi connection, Comcast’s app can help optimize your network. You can also add extenders that automatically boost your primary router’s signal to hard-to-reach areas of your home. It’s very similar to what we’ve seen with routers from Google and Eero.


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