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DarkWeb Sale : 640K Decrypted Playstation Accounts

Researchers claim that the DarkWeb marketplaces may be down after the cyber attack by Anonymous on 10,000 websites. But as far as hackers are concerned things are otherwise.

According to lastweek report, a vendor is found selling more than 1 million Yahoo Gmail accounts in a DarkWeb marketplace. Now, the same vendor is back with yet another listing and this time the victims are PlayStation users.



The handle name of this vendor is “SunTzu583”. They have been selling 640,000 accounts of PlayStation users for just USD 35.71 (nearly 0.0292 BTC).

These accounts are stolen from an unknown database. All these accounts has emails along with their clear-text passwords.




According to SunTzu583,  database was not directly stolen from PlayStation servers, but it does contain unique accounts of PlayStation users.

SunTzu583 goes on to explain that these accounts may also work on other sites however they can be mainly used for PlayStation-related activities.

It must be noted that in 2015, 2.5 million Xbox (Xbox 360 ISO) and Playstation accounts (PSP ISO) were stolen and leaked on the Dark Web marketplaces in February 2017.

The authenticity of this database is not yet confirmed.

Also, about five months ago several PlayStation users were complaining that their accounts have been hacked and in some cases, their funds were missing. However, Sony denied any foul play at that time.

It is quite possible that database was taken from a third party server. If you have an account on PSN, it is advisable to change its password and also use different password on other sites.

PSN users are not the only one to suffer. Currently, Dark Web marketplaces are also selling data of gaming giants including Epic Games, LifeBoat, Envoy, ESEA, Clash of Clans forum, etc.

So, Guys, beware of your all accounts and change passwords as soon as possible.


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