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How To Do OS Fingerprinting In Kali Using Xprobe2

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What is OS Fingerprinting?

As I mostly emphasize in my previous articles, reconnaissance techniques are one of the first steps penetration testers practice when learning how to exploit systems for vulnerabilities. Traditional reconnaissance techniques are used to gather intelligence, define scope and identifying weaknesses or the vulnerabilities.

There are many tools available in Kali for Reconnaissance.

In most cases, pentesters don’t have the luxury of time to do reconnaissance.

However it is important to gather intel before doing anything massive. One of such things is fingerprinting the Operating System and other critical data of the host which we are going to attack!

There are many options to conduct OS Fingerprinting in Kali. One of them is by using xprobe2‘.
Although tools such as nmap and hping2 can do operating system fingerprinting, they are not accurate and reliable as these tools are not built specifically for this purpose.


xprobe2 is an active OS fingerprinting tool, which technically sends probes to the target host and then gauges the OS from the response from the host.

xprobe2 has 16 modules built in and is available by default in Kali distribution!


Access the help page of xprobe2 by typing

xprobe2 -h

xprobe2 manual

Modules in xprobe2

List out the modules in xprobe2 by typing

xprobe2 -L

xprobe2 modules


Syntax goes as:

xprobe2 <target domain or IP>

Now, let’s point xprobe2 at any random device in the network. In my case it’s my by typing


espn xprobe2
Now, let’s try on any other unknown host, say It’s as simple as typing


When I run nmap with the syntax:

nmap -O


The results are almost similar, but the ones from xprobe2 are recon specific not like nmap.


If you are getting any random text instead of probable OS listing, reinstall the default font in Kali distribution by typing

sudo apt --reinstall install fonts-cantarell
Hope you people like the tutorial. Let us know how you feel by writing in the comments below!


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