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Upcoming Changes In QUORA On Anonymity

Quora is cracking down on users’ ability to hide behind a veil of anonymity. The vast majority of actions will no longer be available to anonymous users, and everything else will be reviewed before publishing. The reason? The usual spammers and harassers, of course.

For the uninitiated, Quora is a website where some people ask questions, and other people answer them. Yes, it is a little like Yahoo Answers, but the quality of the questions and answers published on Quora is a little higher than those published on Yahoo Answers.

Quora has always allowed people to post anonymously. This proved useful for people when “there were personal or sensitive experiences involved, or they were seeking or sharing knowledge in controversial topics”. However, the company now admits anonymity is “not without its faults”.

These faults are “spam and abuse”. Users have been hiding behind anonymous accounts to spread spam or engage in harassment. Quora is therefore making some changes to how anonymity works on the site.

As detailed in a Product Updates post , the following changes will effect on March 20, 2017:

All anonymous content will be reviewed before it’s distribution. Quora is especially on the lookout for spam and the harrasment of others, but users will still be able to report questions or answers if they spot other violations.

Anonymity will only be for contributing questions or answers. The ability to anonymously upvote, comment, merge questions, suggest edits, send thanks, edit answer wikis, revert edit log operations, or send answer requests will no longer be supported. Additionally, anonymous question editing (including question text, details, and topics) will be reserved for the person who asked the question and all other edits to the question will be public.

Quora’s internal systems will disassociate anonymous content from user accounts.This means, editing or deleting existing anonymous questions or answers will require an anonymous edit link.

Quora will not be removing any content, anonymous or public, as a result of this change. All existing content (such as comments) will remain anonymous if they are anonymous (the same is true for publicly contributed content).





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